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St Patrick’s (Ballymaghery) School 13 Castlewellan Road Newry

Children’s Mental Health Week in Primary 4

9th Feb 2024

This week is Children's Mental Health Week and this year, the theme is, 'My Voice Matters'.

Miss Fegan’s class discussed what it meant and that Their voice is important and everyone deserves to be listened to and to have a say.  

Each and every one of us have feelings, thoughts and dreams that are unique and special.

During Children's Mental Health Week we get to celebrate these and learn how to speak out when we need to.

They watched videos on Junior News-desk and discussed what makes them happy and also who they can talk to in school and at home for them to be heard. 
Play is very important for a healthy child’s well being and as you can see they are all happy playing together . 

Let's celebrate Children's Mental Health Week by using our voices to speak up, ask for help when we need it and support each other with kindness and understanding. We are all in this together!