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St Patrick’s (Ballymaghery) School 13 Castlewellan Road Newry

Home Learning

Wed 25th March 2020

Here is a copy of the numicon number line 1 - 10 and 1 - 20 we use in school. Also attached is a copy of the numicon shapes that we use to recognise numbers, order the numbers, recognise value, use 2 or 3 shapes to make a new number e.g. 5 is made by using 2 and 3 (partitioning sets) children put the smaller shapes on top of the big number to visually see if they are right, finally for addition (combining sets) and subtraction. 

If you have lost the copy that was sent home you can print this and use it for work that will be set.

Number squares 1 - 50 and 1 - 100 

Digit cards 1 - 10 and 1 - 20 

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